you can make money online for a part-time or full-time job.

you can make money online for a part-time or full-time job.
you can make money online for a part-time or full-time job.


The purpose of this post is to tell you how to stand out from the crowd and the long-term concrete ways you can make money online for a part-time or full-time job.

We will not talk about how all sites claim to earn good money without a site.

If you have your own WordPress website / blog, it becomes easier.

Even if you don't have your own website / blog, you can make money without it.

All you need is your own computer or laptop with an internet connection.

How to make money online

If you have a website, it can be an important source of income.

This method is very effective.

If you have a good number of visitors to your site and you have a good image in them, you can earn a very good amount by offering them a variety of offers or benefits such as: -

1-Website creation and designing

While the name may seem technical to you, it is very helpful and easy to monetize. This is drag and drop yes, you have a lot of WordPress plugins for this.

You can only use plugins like Element Page Builder for this.

Whenever a client talks to you about a website design and design, you ask about its requirements.

What kind of site does he want to create.

All you need to do is load the template from the Element page builder and drag and drop to create a great layout.

If you have to learn a bit of coding, you can't teach it, otherwise you will have different types of WordPress plugins.

2-child theme creation

After creating a website, you can tell the client the benefits or advantages of a child theme. You can tell them why baby themes are so important.

If the client says yes to it, you can easily create plugins like "Child Theme Configurator" or "Unclick Child Theme" and easily charge extra for it.

3-Payment Gateway Setup

If the client wants to install a payment gateway, you can easily install it on the site using Instamojo, PayPal etc.

4-Approved marketing

The most popular platform for making money online. This is also a great option. You can promote the product by visiting any major online shopping site, creating an authorized account and applying ad codes to your site.

If someone buys that product through your link, you will get his commission.

5-Graphics design

If you know graphic designing, you can create interesting graphics and sell them on your site or online.


If you are interested in writing and you have good writing skills in any subject, you can work as a freelance writer.

It has an article that is 500 words, it charges about 300 300.

Nowadays people have also started hiring freelancers for guest posts.

This method is successful because it will increase the confidence of any client towards you. Because your online presence is great as a website. So people will expect that the content will be of high quality and will not be copy paste.


The first purpose of any blogger is to monetize the site.

So that he can start earning. Every blogger likes AdSense.

You can make good money with Google AdSense.

8-Domain and website reversal

If you are confident and far-sighted, you can make a lot of money by reversing the domain.

Yes, there are many sites that people have bought in the hundreds and sold in the millions.

This will require you to look for the name very carefully and cleverly so that the domain you are buying has a good chance of being sold in the future. How and whether it can be a brand name of any business.

For this, on many domain registrar sites like Gaddafi you will find the 'Domain Assessment' option where you can find the value of any domain.

Accordingly, you can set your own price for the domain.

To do this, you must first register for auction members at Gaddadi or another site. Choose ₹ 319 / yr Fei in Gaddafi.

9-Website inversion

Similarly a website can be created by buying any good domain. You can sell it well on websites like Flipper by designing or ranking it.

It also makes a lot of money and there is less risk of domain reversals. Which works pretty well.

10-share market trading

If you have interest and knowledge in the stock market, you can also make good money from the stock market.

For this, you need to meet with a broker. This will allow you to trade shares by opening a demat account.

11-Hosting reseller business

This business is also profitable. If you are a developer or create a website for clients, this is very useful for you.

But if you don't have any of the above, you need a good strategy.

You are a hosting provider. You need to buy a reseller hosting package by creating a reseller account from Hostgator, Gaddadi etc.

In this way, if you get disk space and bandwidth, you can provide hosting to different clients.

With WHMCS (Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution) you can control all types of billing, package completion. This is a very lucrative business that is very popular among web developers.

Almost every hosting provider offers reseller options.

12-ticket booking and information center

This business is also very good income. You can book tickets for people for planes, trains, tours etc. as well as run the information center.

Which includes many broad services such as online application, form filling etc.

13-Video publishing on YouTube

Nowadays you can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. The condition is that you have to complete four thousand hours of watchtime on video a year and the channel can be sent for review for monetization only if there are at least 1000 subscribers.

The video should be on your own and for good so that the issue of copyright does not come to the fore and more and more people watch your videos.


You can be successful only if you choose the long-term methods to make permanent money from the Internet. Because a lot of sites tell you about jobs like PTC, online surveys, online reviews but how much you earn from it ... very little. So choose any tough method.

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