Romantic Love Sms For Girlfriend in English || Good Morning Love Sms For Her in English 2021

Romantic Love Sms For Girlfriend in English || Good Morning Love Sms For Her in English 2021
Romantic Love Sms For Girlfriend in English

1. Romantic love sms

Life may be a boring chapter.

Yet within the next chapter

I turned the page thinking you.

2. Romantic love sms

If I were your rubber

i might remove all the troubles of life.

And if I had a pencil for you

I wont to write the happiness of life during a beautiful way.

3. Romantic love sms

It was your fault that you simply didn't realize,

I was very angry but I didn’t show up.

I can forget too

But didn't try,

Because I don’t like to forget.

4. Romantic love sms

What does love mean?

Can you tell

If love means you all day

I miss you then i really like you… !!

If love means your eyes

If the face floats just like the sky, then i really like you… !!

If love always means you

I love you such a lot

5. Romantic love sms

The sweet light of the sweet moon,

You are excellent .

Miti Miti Tara Mela,

I will see you all the time.

The quiet world of the night,

I want you all my life

Ro. Romantic love sms

Tapur Tupur rain looks very sweet,

What an exquisite creation,

The smell of fresh flowers on a rainy wet evening,

The mind dances to the beat of joy,

Knee for you

Ro. Romantic love sms

As much as i'm loved

From you. The naughty mind wants this,

Get more i do know ,

What's in it for you?

To be on the brink of you

6. Romantic love sms

This mind crazy ,

you would like it all the time

You are in my mind

Stay by my side within the morning and evening.

How can this mind forget you,

You are my life.

Love you such a lot

7. Romantic love sms

Kajal has eyes and earrings,

Lips like red flowers,

A little sweet smile on his face,

I really love a woman like that.

8. Romantic love sms

The light of the hearth brigade matches the wings of internet .

The mind wants to be lost.

No one is way from the unknown.

Where the sky will merge monotonously.

And you "princess" will simply be mine.

9. Romantic love sms

I don't understand what you've got .

I want to seem at you forever.

I want to ascertain you all my life

What a wierd love ..

What a wierd relationship 6.

I forget everything once I check out your face.

I lost myself …… .. Really Ray ..!

10. Romantic Love SMS

It are often hidden from the eyes, not from the mind,

Remember all the time

If you ask the mind, who is your own?

The mind says reading your writing now!

11. Romantic love sms

Give me the maximum amount trouble as you'll .

I'll take you,

Don't hurt me

I will consider that sorrow as happiness,

If you're keen on me

I'll hug you,

And if you ever forget me,

I've been with you all my life.

i will be able to fall crazy silently6.
14. Romantic love sms

Love is madness

Love means a touch mischief.

Love is simply a fantasy

Love means seeing one's own shadow in others

12. Romantic love sms

Winter blanket wrapped,

Standing within the fog,

Raise your hand

If the cool touch of dew,

The mind is thrilled.

Do not understand that i'm by your side all the time.

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