Concepts of Networking are Importance of Networking, Basic Networking Concepts ppt

Concepts of Networking are Importance of Networking, Basic Networking Concepts ppt
Concepts of Networking are Importance of Networking, 

Concepts of Networking

These units are interconnected in some way or the other. When several separate units work together for one purpose, it forms a network, it is understood as such, making a toothpaste. The company has to bring its toothpaste to its customers. To accomplish this purpose, many people connected between the producer and the user establish a network. It is not that a person connected to the network has no selfish interest in joining this network, but along with his selfishness, the purpose is also fulfilled.

The most important determinant used in a computer is data. The data is counted and converted into information. Now, if you want to send this information from one sitting in your place to another room or to a friend or manager sitting in another city or any other country in a far away country, then a strong power to reach this goal Medium is required. Now if the information is kept in a human manner i.e. register, then it can be accessed by someone, but if this information is kept in a computer machine, then this information can be transmitted to the target in two ways.

First, the information is separated into a secondary memory; Such as through a person by securing them to a floppy disk or CD; And secondly, if the target computer is connected in some way via wire or satellite, directly from computer to computer. The most secure method for information distribution is to interconnect computer machines. In this way, a group of computers formed by connecting more than one computer from one place to another is called a computer network (Computer Nework). The concept of networking has been in use for a long time.

A network can be called an interconnected system, in which all the units of that system (Units) work together, but function independently; For example, television broadcasting network, cellular phone network, courier network etc. When computer experts came to realize that any type of information can be stored and organized in a computer, but the transmission of information from one computer to another is only through a removable medium; Such as - Floppy disks etc., can be done only. Information stored in a computer hard disk can be copied to a floppy disk and used on another computer. This technique of transmitting information was extremely time consuming, if for some reason the floppy disk was not accepted by the other computer, then the information would be half incomplete. Now efforts to send information to the computer directly from the computer started.

The first was the development of a system in which information could be exchanged directly by connecting them via a cable using additional hardware and software in two computers. Due to the interconnecting of cables between the computers, the work of transmitting and receiving information could be done with an adopted strength. After this, more than two computers were thus connected by cables. In this, computers were interconnected in a network of cables and information exchange could develop very fast. This network of computers is named Computer Network. In technical terms, a computer network is a system in which several independent computers, data and peripherals; For example - Harddisks. Share them to share printers etc.

Importance of Networking

The modern era should be called the era of information revolution which will not be an exaggeration. Information is an important contribution for all of us in today's daily life. These information can be obtained by any means. Since computer is considered to be the most powerful medium for securing information, computer is considered to be the easiest and cheapest means of information delivery. Important information can be sent thousands of kilometers away in a blink of an eye through computer.

Even doing this was just a dream, but nowadays it is possible in a few pints. Today not only information, but complex - to - complex graphics can also be sent from one place to another in minutes - seconds. Today only one person can talk to another person through networking through networking. Not only this, both people can feel each other sitting near them. Video conferencing is a living truth through which we are sitting at home from anyone in the far-flung country who is using this service. Like, talking face to face. Due to the processing capacity and easy availability of modern personal computers (PCS), you can ask the question why computer networks are required.

it occurs . The answer is that networks increase the performance of an organization and reduce costs.

Computer networks achieve these objectives with the following three means

 (1) Share information or data

(2) Share hardware and software

(3) Centralize the administration and support, ie the computers which are connected to a network, can share the following in that network.

(1) Harddisks

(2) fürze (Printers)

(3) Moderms

(4) Fax Machines

(5) CD-ROM drives and removable drives; Such as - Zip drive, Jag drive (6) documents, eg - Invoices, Spreadsheets, Memo, etc.

(7) Word - Processing Software

(8) Project - Tracking Software

(9) Database Management System Software

(10) Image, audio and video files

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