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Adobe Photoshop cc 2017 Skills Test Fiverr Answers | Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Skill Test Answers 2021

Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Test Answers 2021 [Download PDF]  fiverr english test answers 2021 100%
Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Test Answers 

Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Questions and Answers 2021 - 10 Solved

In this post related to Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Skills Test 2021 related I got a 0.0 score. This means that out of 40 questions, 40 of my answers are correct. So you can get the highest score of this kind. Just focus on your skills and study hard. You will have very good success.

1. Which of the following color modes is mostly used for printing?

RGB color mode

Grayscale color mode

CMYK color mode

Lab Cola mode

2. How can you zoom in or out of images?

Using the Zoom tool on the Tools panel,

Uses the zoom tool in the View menu.

Using the Alt key + mouse wheel,

All of the above can be used.

3. What is Adobe Bridge for?

This is a tile management for Photoshop,

It manages a file for Adobe products.

This is an Adobe product switching,

It is a cloud storage for users.

4. How do you use actions in Adobe Photoshop?

Press Alt + F9, then select an action in the action panel and play.

Go to Window -> Actions, then select an action in the Actions panel and play.

Go to the History panel, switch to the Actions tab. Then select an action in the action panel and play.

All of the above can be used.

5. Which keyboard shortcut should be used to apply the last used filter to an image?

Ctrl + F

Ctrl + Alt + F

Hold CTRL + Shift and click on the level

Shift + Alt + R

6, You. What happens when you click a status in the history palette?

After the selected state all actions will be undone,

All actions will be deleted before the selected state.

The selected status will be deleted.

A message box will appear.

7. You. How can you activate the timeline panel?

Select it from the Windows menu.

It should definitely be chosen in Photoshop preferences.

Changes the workspace profile.

None of the above.

8. How can you change or add an effect to a part / section of an image without affecting the whole original image?

Using a layer mask. Using a clipping mask.

Select the category, right-click on it, and use the layer via copy.

Hold down the Ctrl key and create a new layer.

9. In Adobe Photoshop, which of the following options allows layers to lose size after resizing or removing other commands?

Lock style change,

Renew layer,

Smart object level

Masked layer.

10. In Color Satches, how do you choose a color for the background?

Hold down the Ctrl key and pick a color.

Holds the shift key and picks a color.

Double click on any color.

Click on the desired color.

11. What is the action feature of Adobe Photoshop?

Verbs are a kind of filter.

Action is a group of automated actions.

A part of the action brushes.

Verb is a video editing feature.

12. How does the Magic Eraser tool work?

Detects pixels with the same color.

Detects pixels with the same color attached.

By color range.

By bright or dark pixels.

13. How does the Magic Vand toll recognize the color limit?

Per centimeter

Per pixel

Per point

Per inch

14. How can you create 3D models like cube and sphere in 3D workspace?

Using the Shape tool.

Using the cylinder icon at the bottom of the 3D panel.

Photoshop does not have this option,

Including size and filter.

15. What is the meaning of the warning icon in the color selection palette?

1. The selected color is incorrect.

2. The color range does not match the image,

3. The selected color is not printable,

4. The selected color is not a web color.

16. Which of the following should be used to correct blurred images?

Filter -> Noise

Filter -> Sharp

Filter -> Pixelate

Filter -> Distort

17. How do you select a region with marquee equipment as shown in the given figure?

Holds the Shift key and selects the region,

Hold down the Ctrl + Shift key and select the region,

Hold down the Ctrl + Alt key and select the region.

Hold down the Ctrl + M key and select the region.

18. How can you put an image ratio in "Free Transform"?

Hold down the Ctrl + Shift key.

Hold down the Alt + Shift key.

Hold the shift key.

Hold down the Alt + Ctrl key.

19. Which of the following tools helps to make an image section brighter?





20. Which of the following images creates a similar effect to the image shown in the given image?


Lens correction


Ray spots

21. Photoshop has two typing modes: point type and paragraph type. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Both modes are the same.

Point mode cannot break a line.

Paragraph mode is multiple lines.

Both modes create a new level.

22. Which of the following is the main file format of Adobe Photoshop?




None of the above

23. Which of the following tools is used to adjust the brightness, contrast and tonal range of the histogram of an image?


Brightness and contrast



24. How can you extend brush points with keywords?

Use bracket sign [] keys (Windows).

Hold down the Alt key + right-click and drag left or right (Windows).

Press Ctrl + option and drag left or right (Mac). Use shift and number keys.

Both A and B.

25. Which element has been resized by resizing which image?

Selected level


All levels

All layers except locked layers

26. What new font format (open type) has been added in Photoshop CC 2017?





27. What is the common size measurement unit of Adobe Photoshop?





28. What is PostScript in Adobe Photoshop?

This is an ability to run web page codes in Photoshop.

This is a plugin for exporting images with HTML code.

It is a page description language for printing documents with laser printers.

It is an Adobe system language for scripting timelines.

29. Which of the following is the correct way to apply overlay color to a raster object?

Select an object and change the color of the nozzle.

Right-click on the object layer and use the blending options.

Create an empty layer on top of an object and fill it with a bucket of paint.

Hold down the Alt key and select the object level and then choose any color in the Satches palette.

30. Which of the mixing options should be used to add an outline to text and shapes?

Outer glow

Shadow drop



31. Which of the following should be used to save a custom image?

Save as file ->

Save to File -> Export -> Web

Export as File -> Export ->

Both B and C.

32. Which of the following shortcut keys converts the color of a raster image to black and white?

Ctrl + Shift + B

Ctrl + Alt + U

Alt + Shift + B

Ctrl + Shift + U

33. What happens if you hold down the Ctrl key while converting a text?

This will convert the text while keeping the ratio.

This will simultaneously convert text from right and left.

This will simultaneously convert the text from top to bottom.

It gives the user a choice to decide how to convert text with multiple points.

34. The circle in the given figure is the top layer between the two shapes. If both shapes are combined, what will be the effect of shape?

Will lose effects of both sizes,

The circle will have the same effect as the rectangle,

The rectangle will have the same effect as the circle.

A selection message will be displayed to the user to decide which effect should be used.

35. Which of the following tools can be used to select all similar color pixels?



Magic wand

Eye dropper

36. Which of the following steps creates a new layer?

Click on the "Create a new layer" icon in the Layers panel,

In the menu bar. Click Layer -> New -> Layer.

Press Shift + CTRL + N

All of the above.

37. Which of the following steps shows an example of the “SVG OpenType,” feature of Photoshop CC 2017?

Select the type of tool -> select the "Font Awesome" font in the Glyphs panel.

Select the type of tool -> select the "Windings" font in the Glyphs panel.

Select the type of tool -> select the "emojion" font in the glyphs panel,

Select the type of tool -> select the "Webdings" font in the Glyphs panel.

38. Which filter is used in the given image?

Distortion -> Wave

Distortion -> Tory

Distortion -> Ripple

Stylize -> Extrude

39. Which of the following computer computer graphics uses mathematical formulas to draw lines, shapes and create digital images?



Both A and B.

Neither A nor B

40. Which of the following steps should be followed to copy a layer to another layer?

Right-click on Layer Style -> Copy to Layer Style and paste it into another layer,

Drop the layer style to me with the right mouse button with a dry pull.

Hold down the Alt key -> drag and drop the layer style to another one.

Both A and C.

Disclaimer: The purpose of providing answers is for educational purposes, if any government authority has any problem, please contact us.

Note -: Sometimes the questions are different so do not rely on the post to get the highest number. Do some proper research before the test.

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