Freelancers will receive cash assistance!

Freelancers will receive cash assistance!
Freelancers will receive cash assistance!

The government has taken new initiatives for freelancers earning exchange through export of services. they're going to even be given incentives or cash assistance. the govt has taken this initiative to sponsor children working online to extend their exchange earnings.

According to the knowledge and Technology Department, there are currently 650,000 registered freelancers within the country. they're earning 150 million a year.

These freelancers, mainly children , add a spread of jobs associated with information and technology, including programming, designing, pre-tax preparation, and program optimization (SEO).

At present, the govt is providing cash assistance up to a maximum of 20 per cent in 36 sectors to spice up export earnings. On the opposite hand, the govt is giving 2 percent incentive to send remittances through banking channels legally.

Freelancers earning extra money in foreign currency have long been demanding cash incentives reciprocally for his or her export earnings.

Meanwhile, the finance ministry has formed an eight-member committee headed by Hakim Uddin, director general of the monitoring cell, to submit a report on providing cash incentives to freelancers against the export of services.

Representatives of data and Technology Department, Bangladesh Bank, Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance, Export Development Bureau and Bangladesh Computer Council are included within the committee.

A senior finance ministry official said freelancers were earning an honest amount of exchange by exporting various services abroad.

More educated youth are going to be curious about joining this profession if we will give incentives against their income.

Then the quantity of our unemployed population will decrease and therefore the exchange reserves within the country will increase.

Farhadul Islam Shuvo, a young freelancer, said many students are meeting their financial needs, including tuition fees, with the cash they earn through freelancing.

Many fail to urge employment even after finishing their studies, and even after spending years, many suffer from depression. Freelancing work helps thousands of unemployed youth earn exchange .

Shubh added that the service that freelancers are exporting may be a product. If cash assistance is provided, it'll help many children to return forward during this sector also as add huge amount of exchange reserves.

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