how to make money on youtube? Want to make money from YouTube? Here are some important steps to take

how to make money on youtube? Want to make money from YouTube? Here are some important steps to take
how to make money on youtube?

On that day, 500 crore YouTube videos were watched by people everywhere the planet . Statistics show that the typical time a viewer views YouTube is 40 minutes. this suggests that YouTube has created a chance to succeed in an outsized number of individuals , then YouTube may be a vital and effective medium for advertisers today. And as a result, there's a chance to earn money from online YouTube while sitting reception . The YouTube channel is additionally a simple source of income for housewives.

What is the income from YouTube?

The main source of income from YouTube is advertising. this suggests you let your YouTube channel be employed by advertisers and instead you get paid from them. this suggests that advertisers will show their ads at the start or within the middle of your YouTube video and you'll earn from YouTube.

In addition, it's possible to earn money from YouTube in various ways like channel membership, super chat, product sales, YouTube premium etc.

Ways to earn money from YouTube

To make money from YouTube, you initially got to open a YouTube channel. together with your Gmail account you'll open your own YouTube channel for free of charge .

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However, if you open a YouTube channel and other people watch that video, there'll be no income from it. To earn money from YouTube, you would like to register your channel within the YouTube Partner Program. Once your channel is registered within the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will post videos of varied advertisers there and you'll get paid from there.

You also got to meet variety of prerequisites to participate within the YouTube Partnership Program, and as long as those conditions are met will you be ready to apply to participate within the program. The conditions for participating within the YouTube Partnership Program are:

Your channel must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.

· within the last 12 months, your channel must have 4,000 valid public watch hours.

You must have a Google AdSense account related to your YouTube channel.

You can activate notifications from your channel settings if you would like . therein case you'll be notified from YouTube if these conditions are met. Once these conditions are met, you'll apply to participate within the YouTube Partnership Program.

Read these Google instructions to find out the way to apply for a YouTube Partnership Program.

How much does YouTube buy what percentage views

How much money you get from YouTube for your videos depends on a spread of things , like the topic of the video, the sort of viewer, the geographical location of the viewer, the age of the viewer, the amount of click-throughs, and so on.

YouTube pays supported CPM or Cost Per Miles / Thousand Rate and CPC or Cost Per Click. The CPM rate of a YouTuber also fluctuates over time.

Usually the CPM rate of technology based channels is that the highest. Indian traffic means if your viewers are mainly Indian, you'll rise up to এম 5 CPM during a technology based channel. On the opposite hand, the CPM of education-based channels is usually lower because their viewers are under 18 years aged , which is why most advertisers are less curious about viewers.

An education-based blog reports that their CPM rates fluctuate between ০ 0.50 and 2. within the case of entertainment-based channels, this number is 1 to three dollars.

Cost per click, on the opposite hand, is when viewers click on a link to a selected ad to urge paid instead. Its value largely depends on the advertiser's profile.

According to experts, once the amount of subscribers to your channel reaches 1 million, you'll earn enough money from YouTube.

How YouTube pays

YouTube pays through Google AdSense. YouTube will send money to your AdSense account between the 10th and 14th of every month. If you deposit 10 into your AdSense account, Google will mail a code to your address. you'll got to verify that code in your account. Google will then send the cash you earned to your checking account if you deposit ড 100 into your account.

Income tips from YouTube

Clearly, increasing the amount of viewers is that the key to success within the YouTube business. you only need 1000 regular visitors to start out earning money from YouTube. Income also depends on the visitor's profile. There are a couple of things to stay in mind to be a successful YouTuber.

Choose the right field

The primary condition for earning money from YouTube is selecting the proper field. it'll depend upon your interest, expertise also as what quite audience you would like to succeed in . YouTube channels on various topics like technology, entertainment, education, sports, life hacks, roll in the hay yourself, tourism, jokes etc. have gained popularity everywhere the planet . confirm you recognize enough about the subject you're videotaping, so you'll create multiple successful videos thereon topic which will appeal to viewers.

Be patient initially

It takes tons of labor and time to succeed in the initial 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers of a YouTube channel. like all small business, the first days of the YouTube business weren't very smooth. you'll need to make one video after another without making any profit, unless one among your videos suddenly goes viral.

Make professional quality videos

If you would like to form money from YouTube, it's important to form good professional quality videos. regardless of how informative your video is, viewers won't watch the entire video or subscribe your channel if your presentation isn't good.

Nowadays, different smartphones have excellent quality cameras, you'll also make videos using those cameras. Pay special attention to video editing and sound formatting. excellent quality videos are often lost thanks to bad editing. you furthermore may got to take care about the format of the video presentation. for instance , using captions can make a video simpler than talking.

Make sure you create the video in any language

If you're fluent in both Bengali and English then you would like to form sure during which language you'll make your video. Confirm the language of the video, keeping in mind who the viewers of the video could also be . If you create videos in English, you've got the chance to succeed in the viewers of various countries of the planet , within the case of traffic from different countries outside India, the speed of cash on YouTube is higher, on the opposite hand, there's tons of competition in English.


More than 300 hours of YouTube videos are being uploaded every minute round the world. the amount of tourists is additionally increasing because the internet is becoming more and cheaper . during this highly competitive market, it takes talent, creativity and labor to form money from YouTube. it's possible to form an honest profit once you become a longtime YouTuber. But there's tons to figure for. YouTube is additionally an honest medium for job also as extra income. albeit you do not create anything new, if you'll present it during a new way, it's the potential to catch the attention of the viewers, and therefore the key to the success of the YouTube business is to urge the eye of the viewers

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