What is web hosting? we'll know intimately about Web hosting, its types,
 What is web hosting? we'll know intimately about Web hosting, its types,

In this post, we'll know intimately about Web hosting, its types, Bandwidth, choice of hosting services, Linux vs Windows etc.

No site are often accessed on the web without a hosting service, that is, people cannot see it on the web .

The funny thing is that a lot of hosting providers promise to offer you 99.90% Uptime, but you'll be surprised to understand that they're already down 10 minutes / week.  (Source- hostingfacts.com)

The construction of any site is extremely easy but successfully operating it's a touch difficult. Especially when the location started getting popular and traffic started getting good.

In this case, if you've got not taken the service of an honest company, then your site ever starts taking place . this manner visitors start getting faraway from you.

Let us take this post now and that we get detailed information about what's web hosting.

What is web hosting

Our website is understood as hosting provider serving hosting. When our domain gets connected to hosting, it goes survive the web with the assistance of name servers.

They have powerful computers that are connected to the web for twenty-four hours for DNS or name services.

Stored data on their computers are often accessed from the web at any time. Although data access is feasible on your computer too, but there are many difficulties. we'll examine the servers intimately under this text .

We need some space for storing within the storage of those computers, in order that the info of our sites also can be stored and survive the web . For this, we give them money and buy storage.

Web hosting kaise kaam karta hai

The Internet may be a highway, while the products warehouse located on the side of the hosting highway.

Whenever a user enters a URL in his browser and sends an invitation , the request reaches the warehouse on the side of the highway from where his requested files are taken out of the warehouse and placed on the highway ie on the web and it reaches the user.

We pay the hosting provider to stay the files of our website on an equivalent web server. in order that people can see our site.

That is, all the files on your website are uploaded to the server of your hosting provider. When a user inserts a URL into their browser and sends an invitation , the request goes on to the server of the hosting provider.

The server removes the requested files from its database and puts the user ahead of it through internet, and thus the request is completed.

Host computer kya hai

Web servers or host computers are specialized computers that are always connected to the web 24 × 7.

The Internet is that the largest WAN (Wide Area Network). But the info that flows are of Servers. They transfer data to the client.

The computers that servers have are more powerful than the computers utilized in our homes.

Each of those components (hardware and software) is more powerful than our PCs, which are made for specific tasks (network oriented) and use the source of the network.

Their software or programs are designed for network related work only.

Whereas our PCs are for computer oriented work and are quite user friendly.

Bandwidth aur disc space kya hai

Bandwidth and disc space are the foremost important factors for any site.

Where your site's data is stored on disc space , the quantity of knowledge which will be accessed by people simultaneously depends on the bandwidth.

The more space for storing we've , the more data we will store (eg Audio, Video, Text etc.).

It is just like the memory of mobile, the upper the capacity, the more data storage facility are going to be available.

Whereas the upper the bandwidth, the more people can visit the location simultaneously, that is, access data. Because it costs data to finish the visitor request.

If the bandwidth is low and therefore the traffic on the location increases then the location goes down. this manner visitors are unable to go to the location .

When the location is functioning normally, it's called UP (up) time.

Web hosting kitne Type ki hoti hai

Hosting providers offer many sorts of hosting services to us. But mainly there are 3 types which are as follows-

1- Shared hosting

2- VPS hosting

3- Dedicated hosting (Dedicated)

Shared hosting

As the name itself suggests, many websites use the resources of 1 of its servers i.e. CPU, RAM, bandwidth etc. during this hosting.

It costs less, so it's cheaper. Most of the new sites are hosted on this, with less traffic.

If traffic increases at any site, the effect of this is often seen because the site is down on all sites.

Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)

This hosting is far better than shared hosting and also a touch expensive.

There is just one server in it but its disk is split .

A Physical server runs several virtual servers in it.

Since root access is out there in VPS hosting, you'll use any OS of your choice and run your application.

Just like a colony has 4 houses and 4 persons are given one house each; within the same way it also happens.

Each hosted site uses its share of resources. during this way the resource constraints of 1 site don't affect the opposite . That is, if one site is down for a few reason, then there's no effect on the opposite site.

Thus using Separate space doesn't affect the safety of your site thanks to other sites.

In VPS hosting, you'll configure its hardware and software consistent with your needs. That is, it can increase or decrease its disc space , bandwidth etc.

Dedicated hosting (Dedicated)

These hosting are very expensive, Secure and simply handle the most important traffic.

In this, a whole server is employed by one user.

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