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Fiverr WordPress Test 2021 Questions Answers 9/10 Solution fiverr wordpress 5.1 skill test answers 2021

Fiverr WordPress Test 2021 Questions Answers 9/10 Solution fiverr wordpress 5.1 skill test answers 2021

Fiverr Wordpress Test Questions Answers This article will help you pass your WordPress 5.1 on top of 10% because our answers have higher accuracy. We have discussed these MCQs with WordPress professionals and got the best possible answer.

Here are the answers to these 40 questions. You can get 100 marks with these answers.


1. Which of the following block sites can be imported into WordPress?




2. You can import content to WordPress from Joomla or Mambo sites




3. Any of the following functions are required to create a new technology


Register_ taxonomy


4. Can Google AdSense be integrated into the WordPress blog?




5. Who among the following people can read a post locked with a password?


Registered users who know the password


6. WordPress. Which of the following files should be deleted after installing WordPress 4.1?




7____. ______ can write their own posts but can also publish or delete them. Their HTML is limited to sets of authorized tags, and they cannot upload media files.




8. Does the WordPress 4.1 website require a function.hpp file for each theme?




9. Converts user level 0?



10. Can you create custom theme files for different types of custom content?




11. After you move a WordPress 4.1 site to a new host, if you change your site's URL, you'll need to update your posts and pages to correct the paths in the uploaded media files.




12. To display a widget, the user must


Drag the desired widget to the sidebar


13. What are the depth limitations of your sections?


There is no limit level


14. Which of the following action should be decided after importing data in WordPress?


All of the above


15. What is the correct color (with preference for use) to display tax categories in the template classification?


Manpower - {Classified} - {Term}. PHP, Taxonomy - Level 6. PFP, taxonomy.pp, archive.pf, index, php


1 .. In WordPress 4.1, which of the following theme files can be used by customizing the "Page not found error" error page?




17. Converts user level 10 to _____?



18. You want to schedule a backup of your site's database, but you don't have enough access to your host. Which of the following tasks can help you accomplish this task?


Install the "WP Database Backup" plug-in


19. Which of the following should support the minimum server values ​​for WordPress 4.1?


PHP version 5.0 or higher and MySQL version 5.1 or higher


20. Which version of WordPress can you choose your username from during the installation process?



21. Which of the following action should be performed before enabling network features?


Disable your plugins

22. What is the name of the theme of a page with ‘3’ ID?



23. Which of the following files is required to complete your theme?


Index.fp and style. CSS

24. WordPress 4.1 can be installed by default on which of the following databases?




25. Can you move your wp-contents folder to another location or rename it without changing any settings?




26 .. _____ WordPress can do anything in the administration area, write edits and delete posts, pages, links and comments; Upload media files to the dashboard of any imported content; Create edits and delete other users; Enable and configure plugins and themes; Changes the theme of the site and manages all available options




27. Conditional tags may be used on _______________


Change the content displayed

28. The function "function_exists ()" can be used to verify that the plug-in is enabled




29. ___________ may publish, edit and delete their own posts. Can't write page. They can upload certain types of media files and only use a limited set of HTML tags.




30. You can limit the number of revisions in the WordPress store ____


Adding the following line to your wp-config.php file: Define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3); Using a plugin


31. _________ is a good way to make sure a WordPress site is indexed by search engines



32. The following action must be performed before upgrading to WordPress?


A, b and c

33. What is the correct color (as a priority to use) to display categories in template hierarchies?


Section - {Slag. PFP, Division {ID. PFP. Division.FP. Archive. PFP, index. PFP

34. To manually create sidebar widgets, the user must _______


Modify the sidebar.fp file

35. Which of the following should be performed before installing a plugin?


Plugins can be installed on your WordPress version and verify that they are compatible with current themes

36. What should be your first step to enable the WordPress 4.1 MU feature?


Define this code in the wp-config.php file (‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

37. Can you set a unique password for each post?




38. The date / time format of a WordPress site can be changed to __________


Administration settings

39 . Can you move your wp-config.php file to the parent directory without changing any settings?


Yes given that you are installing WordPress in your web root directory

40. What is the name of the theme file of a page with 'slag'?


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