Android 12: What's next for Google's next mobile OS update on Smartphones?
Android 12: What's next for Google's next mobile OS update on Smartphones? 

Android 12: Android 12 coming soon. The developer preview of Android 12 may begin at any time. during this case, what changes are often made to smartphones supported Google's next mobile OS update? Let's determine .

List of possible changes to the Android 12 formula-

Like Android 10.11, Android 12 version also will have a reputation . during this case, this version are often called Snow Cone.

The remake will have the choice to use multiple themes. In other words, after installing and updating Android 12, users will get the advantage of using various color schemes and themes.

The look of the notification panel also will change.

In this case, the homescreen of Android 12 version are going to be seen during a completely different look from the previous version. a touch little bit of iOS 13 are often seen.

Privacy settings can change, especially with the camera, microphone, location, and get in touch with access.

Android 12 version will have the power to resize and pinch the pip window.

An interesting feature called App Pairs are often seen with the new Android version keeping in mind the spill screen technology.

Google will attempt to strengthen its gaming portfolio with updates. during this case, it's heard that the Android 12 version will have a selected gaming mode.

There will even be a replacement feature called Hibernate Apps supported the update. This Hibernate Apps feature will play a crucial role in apps that are rarely used or not used in the least .

The Android 12 update can accompany a spread of pixel features, like double tap gestures or multiple such features. With the assistance of Google Assistant, MP3 or a touch innovation within the notification bar.

One thing to stay in mind at the top of it all. Issues associated with this update have come to light from various reports and sources. there's no guarantee that the official version will have everything. expecting the developer preview for now, then all the speculation will end!

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