What is TeleConferencing

Teleconferencing Allows Workers From Around The World To || Video Conferencing Meaning Advantages And Disadvantages
Video Conferencing Meaning Advantages And Disadvantages 

Tele conferencing refers to the interaction between three or more people through an electronic medium.

Tele refers to a distant place and conferencing refers to dialogue, conversation or conference. Thus teleconferencing means remote communication or remote conference. Tele conferencing has quite two participants.

These participants don't need to be in anybody place, they will be located in any corner of the planet , but they need to be connected to a network.

Whether this network is for telephone lines or internet. In 1960, American Telephone and Telegraph first teleconferencing through its PicturePhone device.

There are basically three sorts of tele conferencing devices - the primary ones that allow only audio conferencing and textual communication, they're used on telephone lines.

Others that allow video conferencing, and people that allow communication within the sort of text through computer terminals.

What is teleconferencing?

The simplest sort of teleconferencing requires a minimum of three persons and every one three are interconnected in such how that the remainder of the person can hear one person's statement. of these people are in several places, but by teleconferencing they will communicate within the same way,

As if they were located in one place. the most advantage of tele conferencing is that it reduces the communication cost.

This savings is because all people needn't travel and take in one place to possess a conversation.

By a statistical estimate, teleconferencing has reduced business travel expenses by about 30%. It also has another benefit,

That an individual who is physically unable to attend a conference also can join this essential conversation through it.

One of the most drawbacks of teleconferencing is that it are often interrupted thanks to a technical fault within the network. this needs a healthy network and updated hardware and software. Through this we cannot negotiate.

If the front party isn't willing to barter , it can close up its conferencing device; Whereas if we've a face-to-face conversation, it's sure to hear us. Nevertheless, tele conferencing may be a very useful feature.

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