why is my computer so slow. how to fix slow computer windows 10 || how to fix a slow computer
why is my computer so slow. 

There are two ways to form a computer go faster. the primary is to throw money at the matter and upgrade all of your hardware. The second thing is that you simply have already got the foremost efficient way possible. i'm the important advocate of that other method and take it as a private challenge to squeeze a touch more performance out of my existing resources.

So if your computer is slow and you would like to hurry it up, then this guide is for you. Here are my top ten tips to hurry up windows without speeding up windows!

Top ten tips to hurry up windows

The first thing we'd like to try to to to form Windows faster is check out which programs are using your resources.

1. Check the procedures

Windows uses processes to interact with you and therefore the programs running on your computer. Running too many directly can hamper your computer.

Right click on your taskbar and choose Task Manager.

See tabs at the highest , CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. If one is running at a high percentage, click the tab to order by program using the foremost .

Look at each program using those resources. Is it important is that this a system process? If it's not a required program but something goes on within the background, right click on the method and choose End Task. If it's not a program that you simply use more, uninstall it.

2. Check Startup Items

While you're in Task Manager, let's take a glance at what programs you've found out to start out automatically once you boot your computer.

Right click on your taskbar and choose Task Manager if you've got closed it.

Select the Start-up tab and click on the Status tab within it to order the primary enabled program.

Click any required which isn't required and choose Disable. Keep things like third party security, audio drivers, file managers and malware scanners but be happy to prevent other programs. you'll always start them manually.

3. Uninstall unnecessary software

Many laptops and purchased desktops can accompany bloatware and therefore the more we own the pc , the more we'll install it. this is often a useful practice to try to to a spring clean whenever to stay things lean. This not only accelerates your computer, it also frees disc space .

Right click on the Windows Start button and choose Programs and Features.

Uninstall any and every one programs you are doing not need or use.

Work your way through the list and use Uninstall at the highest of the window to get rid of the program.

4. Run a registry cleaner

There is a free software program called CCleaner. Download it now.

Run CCleaner and choose the Cleaner tab on the left. Once the method is over, analyze then run cleaner.

Select the Registry tab, then scan for problems then fix the chosen issues after the scan is complete.

There is also a program uninstaller if you favor to use quite Task Manager and Startup Program Analyzer to see startup programs.

5. Defrag Your hard disc

If you employ a standard hard disc , defrag remains a useful gizmo to hurry up Windows. don't defrag the solid state drive because it isn't needed and may reduce its operating life.

Right click on your disk drive and choose Properties.

If there's any space utilized in the files to delete the window, click Disk Cleanup.

Once cleaned return to Properties and choose Tools.

Select Optimize, select Disk, then Analyze. If a tough disk is quite 10% fragmented, click Customize.

6. Check your browser addons

We sleep in our browser, so it is sensible to stay them lean and mean. Checking the browser for unnecessary addons is beneficial to make sure that it's not being bogged down . the precise word varies by browser, so use whichever is most appropriate.

Open the browser of your choice and click on the menu button (usually the three dots or lines at the highest right).

Select addons or extensions.

Go through the list and either switch them off completely or switch to Ask to activate again.

To prevent sites loading videos or animations, consider installing Click to Play plugin. This accelerates web browsing across the board.

7. Check for program or windows errors

If a program is malfunctioning or making a mistake , Windows will attempt to run it somehow or fix it, which may slow things down. Checking for errors may be a useful thanks to speed up Windows and keep your computer running longer.

Type 'event' within the Search Windows (Cortana) box.

Click on the appliance within the left pane and scan the logs within the center pane. As you solve problems


Click System and do an equivalent .

8. Reduce running services

If you're confident together with your computer, then reducing the services running within the background are often very useful in speeding up Windows. By default, Windows runs most configurations to figure on most machines. you'll not need half the services.

Create a system restore point.

Go to the Black Viper website and choose your Windows version.

Right click on your task bar and choose Task Manager.

Select the Services tab, then open services below.

Follow the Black Viper's Guide for what services you'll or might not need.

9. Minimize visual effects

Closing the window's visual effects may be a minor benefit, but is well worthwhile if you are looking for each scrap of performance.

Right click on the Windows Start button and choose System.

Select Advanced System Settings within the left pan and Advanced tab.

Select Settings within the Display section, then select Custom or Best Display. If you decide on Custom, uncheck the box next to the consequences you'll live happily without.

10. Scan for Malware and Viruses

Finally, once you've tweaked and tuned your computer, it is time to form sure that there's nothing slow in it.

Run a full antivirus scan. this may take a couple of hours, so it are often useful to run it overnight.

Run a malware scan and a spyware scan using your scanner of choice.

An antivirus product and malware scanner is usually running within the background to stay out the bad guys.

Those are my top ten tips for speeding up Windows. they do not cost anything and that they can teach you things about your computer that you simply didn't know before. additionally , they streamline your OS , pack up clutter and confirm there's nothing you do not want.

Any other tips to hurry up Windows without spending money? Tell us about them below.

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