What made WWW the World Wide Web? What Movement Was Led by The World Wide Web Consortium

 Friends, if you guys are on computer or mobile then you want to have heard the name of the planet wide web. Friends www may be a world wide web, it's spread everywhere the planet , so friends, in today's post, about 'www', what's www? and the way does it work Hello friends, I welcome all of you in https://www.thenewevents.com/ Friends, if you furthermore may want to understand the entire information about the planet Wide Web (WWW), then you ought to read this post till the top . |

What made WWW the World Wide Web?  What Movement Was Led by The World Wide Web Consortium
What made WWW the World Wide Web?

What is the planet Wide Web (WWW)?

Friends World Wide Web is additionally called www in common language and it's also called as W3, Friends Creating any Document Organiz ie Custamize and Link

Doing it's called www. for instance , the document available on the web connects via Resource and any user Http (hyper text transfer protocol).

Friends, wherever these documents and resourse are kept, each document or resourse features a different I.P address, which we call the URL (uniform resource locator).

Example: -


Where there's HTTP protocol and www is identifying the planet wide web and then technicalmajid.com is that the URL ie uniform resource locator.

Friends, albeit you see a winning website within the world, those websites are made from many sites , URLs, hyperlinks, all of them are connected to the WWW. ) is predicated on client site

www may be a platform where any related information or information of any kind is kept during a website like these which you're reading information in my website, of these are stored within the server.

Who created the planet Wide Web (WWW)?

Friends, the Inventor of the planet Wide Web (WWW) is named Tim Berners-lee, Friends not only developed Hypertext and invented the Technique to link the online page to every other.

In 1989, Tim Berners-lee started performing on the planet Wide Web (WWW) server. This server was named "httpd"

The name of www in Suruwat was as follows WY SIWYG HYPERTEXT BROWSER / EDITOR which runs in NextStep Environment

By 1991, the planet Wide Web (WWW) had spread

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