Autistic 4-year-old Arkansas boy kicked off flight for not wearing mask despite doctor's note

Autistic 4-year-old Arkansas boy kicked off flight for not wearing mask despite doctor's note

A 4-year-old Arkansas boy with autism was admitted Wednesday on a flight to his destination, despite admitting to taking him to their destination on a flight that was not wearing a mask from a Speech Airlines flight on Monday.

Little Carter Kimball was devastated by the experience, his mother said.

What are the details?

KTHV-TV spoke to Callie Kimbull, who told the outlet that her husband and son, Carter, started their return flight to Dallas after meeting with the family in Las Vegas.

Kelly explained that she and her husband have flown more than once with Carter, who is severely autistic and non-verbal, and who loves airplanes.

Carter's physician provided a letter to keep them on their travels, explaining that Carter had been exempted from the mask order due to his disability. Consistent with Collie, when Carter wears a mask "when he starts to worry," "holds his breath," and "hurts himself."

He said the Little Rock family had always flown on Spirit Airlines and never had a tug-of-war until Monday, when an airline employee told them they had "no autism disability" and "he must wear a mask or get off the plane."

To make matters worse, when Carter and his father started, the airline would not allow Carter's children - who had traveled with them to help Carter - to leave the plane with them on de-board.

The father and son, who were stranded in Dallas, were ready to grab a flight home for a thousand dollars out of the pocket of American Airlines and accept American Carter's medical notes. The Kimball family, however, ran out of cash for their still-returned Spirit return flight, and the airline did not respond to their request for their return.

"So we've got all our planes out, a thousand bucks, and we have a son who now feels so bad that he blew up all his favorite planes," the mother told KTV.

Anything else?

Carter is not the primary autistic child to have problems with Spirit Airlines.

Last September, a family in Chicago said the airline sent them a letter banning 3-year-old Sebastian Lewis after removing the mask on the flight back home.

During an evacuation, the family says, spirit workers de-boarded the entire plane and filed a police report against the family.

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