Microsoft Finalises Purchase Of Bethesda Softworks; PC And Xbox Exclusive Games Coming Up || Bethesda Softworks Video Games Stock Price

 Microsoft, the makers of Xbox, have finally confirmed the purchase of Bethesda Studios after being granted permission by the European Union. New exclusive game title for Xbox.

Microsoft Finalises Purchase Of Bethesda Softworks; PC And Xbox Exclusive Games Coming Up || Bethesda Softworks Video Games Stock Price
Microsoft Finalises Purchase Of Bethesda Softworks

After a long period of negotiations, Microsoft has confirmed a $ 7.5 billion deal to buy ZeniMax Media. Zenimax is the parent company of the Doom franchise and the creator of Fallout Games, Bethesda. Microsoft confirmed the finalization after the company received regulatory approval from the European Union. Read on to learn more about Bethesda games coming to Xbox

Bethesda Games Coming to Xbox - Microsoft Confirms

Following the purchase of Bethesda, Microsoft has a total of 23 game development studios under the company's belt. Microsoft's gaming chief Phil Spencer said in a statement that Microsoft's next step is to create an industry-leading gaming studio team that will be completely dedicated to their Xbox community. He also said that in addition to Bethesda creative teams, gamers should know that Xbox consoles, PCs and game passes will be the best places to experience new Bethesda games, including some new titles in the future that are exclusive to Xbox Will be PC player.

Bethesda's sub-gaming studios such as Arcane, Machine Games, ID Software and Tango Gameworks are also part of the Microsoft deal, which is owned by 23 of the total game studio Microsoft. In comparison, there are only 13 studios compared to PlayStation developer Sony. Bethesda's marketing head Hines revealed that there would be no major changes to the studio yet. Bethesda will continue as a separate business from Microsoft, similar to the way Microsoft runs other companies such as LinkedIn and GitHub.

Is Bethesda Xbox Now Exclusive?

Microsoft originally announced its intention to buy Bethesda Studios in September. Microsoft also announced that they would honor the current PS5 deals that Bethesda has made with Sony for games such as Deathloop and Elder Scrolls. He also said that existing PS games by Bethesda Studios will continue to receive online support without interruption. Spencer stated in his blog post that some upcoming new titles are going to be Xbox exclusive in the future. Microsoft also plans to bring more Bethesda games for the game pass.

What is Bethesda's game?

Bethesda is one of the largest game development studios in the world. His most famous play is the Elberate Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is often considered by sports enthusiasts as the best sport in the world. They have other games like the entire Elder Scrolls franchise, Fallout franchise, DOOM franchise such as Dishonored and its sequel and Wolfstein. Stay tuned for more news on Xbox and gaming.

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