What is Computer Science? What is Computer Science Course all About in College in india Course Career and Job

What is Computer Science? What is Computer Science Course all About in College in india Course Career and Job
What is Computer Science?

Friends, in this article of ours today, we know what is computer science? And how is the career in it? Apart from this, if you work in the field of computer science, then how much salary you can get. And if you are a student and thinking about making your career in the field of computer science, then this article is for you.


In short, computer science is a science in which we study about all things related to computers. Under computer science, we study in relation to subjects like computer system, such as hardware, system software, theory, logic data structure, programming language, algorithm.

Computer science is not just collecting information related to computers or studying on the subject of computers. Rather, with the help of computer science, we can also solve the problems faced in our life by studying information related to computers. The contribution of computers in everyday life has increased tremendously.


Today, you can see the use of computers in every field such as banking, stock market, school, office, university, research work, intensive study, etc. In this post of ours today, we are providing you the information that computer science kya hai? What is Computer Science? What are the chances of a career job in it. With this, we are going to talk about various aspects here as well.


What is computer science?

Computer science is the science of itra, in which we study topics related to computers. Which is also commonly called CS or computer science and computer science. Under this, we study computer technology in which both types of components such as hardware and software are studied. Apart from this, we also study various programming language along with computer science information ie data.


What is Computer Science?

Computer science, as we mentioned above, is a science in which we study things related to computers. Under Computer Science, the theoretical bases of information and computation are studied. In addition, two different parts of the computer, which we call hardware and software, have to collect information about it and study them.


In a way, it is only with the help of computer science that we are able to use the algorithm, due to which it has been possible to manipulate, communicate and store digital information with digital information. The biggest aspect of computer science is finding solutions to problems.

With the help of computer science, we try to find solutions to business, experimentation and research, even social problems. For example, in the field of business, we use different types of software, so that we can keep a record of our sales and profits. This has been possible only with the help of computer science.


In the field of computer science we study about various components of computers. In which we study about things like hardware and software, network, database, artificial intelligence, numeric analysis, vision and graphics, human computer interaction, and computer theory.


Various opportunities in computer science in which you can make a career

There is immense potential in the field of computer science. This is an area that Pawar constantly promotes. New research is being done in this field. To make a career in the field of computer science, you must first know what field of computer you are interested in. For example, if you want to acquire theoretical knowledge related to computer, or you can pursue research in this field.

In the same way, if you like the practical part of computer science, then you can make a career in the field of computer development. Let it be said that in which field you want to make your career. We have provided information about various areas of computer below.


Software engineering

Computer science is an area in which there is a lot of potential in the present times. Under Software Engineering, you do analysis and study on things like software design, construction, user friendly software, user application etc.


To become a software engineer, you must first do a bachelor's degree, you can do it in any field that is related to computer science. Right now there are many graduate degrees in India that you can do such as computer science engineering, BCA, BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, etc.



Hardware has also been a major contributor to the field of computer science. You cannot envision any computer without hardware. As we have already mentioned about it above. Hardware plays an important role in computer science. You can do research about various components that are used in computer hardware development, computer hardware engineer computer by acquiring knowledge in this field. There is also a lot of potential in the field ahead. What is computer science

Theoretical study of computer science

The theoretical part of computer science, that is, on the theoretical side, you study the theoretical things of computers. It is primarily a part of computer science and mathematics. Which focuses on more mathematics topics of computing. It includes the principle of computation. In the theoretical part of computer science one has to study the following things, which we have listed below: -


Data structure

Discrete Mathematics, Statistics

Theory of computing

Programming theory OOP

Digital electronics

Boolean algebra

Logic gates

In this field, you study about many topics such as algorithms, database structure, data structure, automata theory, information theory, cryptography, machine learning, then this section emphasizes on various aspects of mathematical techniques and computer science. is.


We are mainly dividing this into three parts to make a career in the computer science field. All other areas fall under these three areas. Gin includes: -



Programming language



Computer science courses detail in Hindi.

There are many courses in computer science that you can do. You can do any one course from all these courses. For this you can do these courses online or from any institute. We have made a list of computer related courses below: -


Degree course in Computer Science

Diploma course in computer science

Certificate course in computer science

Undergraduate course: - To do graduate course, you must first have up to 12th standard. Simply put, after 12th you can enroll in any degree course which is computer related. Apart from this, post graduate, doctorate course etc. is also present.


If you want to get ahead in the field of research, then you can apply for a postgraduate doctorate followed by a doctorate degree course. The undergraduate degree is 3 years in computer science. The same postgraduate degree may take 2 to 5 years. You get a bachelor's degree somewhere in 5 years. There are many universities inside India that enroll for these courses.


Diploma computer course: - Diploma computer course can be of about 2 to 3 years or 6 months. You can enroll in them through polytechnic college or any institute or online certificate diploma course.


To enroll in a diploma course, you must have a tenth pass certificate. Only then you will be able to apply for the diploma course.


Certificate course in computer science: - Certificate course ranges from 3 months to 6 months or 1 year. Some courses are also 2 years old. Different criteria have been made for different courses to enroll in such a course. For some certificate courses, you only have to pass tenth. So for some certificate courses, it is necessary to have 10 + 2 i.e. 12th pass. What is computer science


Apart from this, such certificate courses are also available which can be held only by graduates. Apart from this, you can get all the fields of computer science


One can also study through the course.


Topics taught in Computer Science - Computer Science subject 

The following topics are studied in the field of computer science, a list of which we have given below.


Operating system

Computer architecture

Database database and information system

Data structure and algorithm

Discrete structures

Web technology


Web technology

Programming language

Big data analysis

E commerce

Machine learning / Artificial intelligence


Graphics and audio design

Career and job in computer science

As we have already discussed about this, the field of computer science is quite bright. Due to this, you get a lot of opportunities in this area. Let us know what kind of job you can get by studying computer science.


Any student graduating from a computer science can apply or get a job for the following positions.


Computer hardware engineer

Software developer

Database administrator

Web developer

Computer analytic

Information security analyst

Computer network architect

Computer and information

Salary: - Your salary in the field of computer science depends on how much experience you have in this field. And what kind of university have you completed your course from. What is computer science


It is generally seen that most students who get education in computer science earn from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 40000 per month. If you have a good experience in this field then you can earn up to more rupees than this. Simply put, there are immense possibilities in the field of computer science.


The conclusion

Friends, in this post of ours today you learned what is computer science? Apart from this, we have also tried to provide information in this post that what are the course career and job in this field. How much salary will you get in this field? As we have already mentioned about this, the field of computer science is very big and it has immense possibilities for career. There are no two opinions about this. Hope you like this information given by us. If you have liked this information given by us, then you can also share it with your friends and family on social media. You can tell us your questions and suggestions by commenting on the comment box below.

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