International Women's day 2021 in India Date and Time || International Women's day 2021 Theme Color

International Women's day 2021 in India Date and Time || International Women's day 2021 Theme Color
International Women's day 2021 in India Date and Time

Unlike pure science, software, and app development, there is a wide gender gap in the case of women leading companies. However, as we stand at the turn of the 21st century, things are changing for good, at least in India.

To mark International Women's Day 2021, DH had the opportunity to interact with top Indian female personalities who broke the glass ceiling to launch their mobile application companies and gain worldwide popularity.

Prayog‪a‬ (Developed by Parjanya Creative Solutions)

As the name suggests, it is a fitness app with a primary focus on yoga. It uses motion tracking and AR can be used to help users learn new poses, you can also get realtime feedback on how you are doing yoga posture.

The origin of the Prayoga app

After working for several startups and some of the world's largest companies in the US for nearly 15 years, Raksha Rao and Krishna thought of setting up their own firm in India.

He joined the 'Startup India' program and as a US customer with Bread Ventures who gave him projects to do on WatchOS, he started setting up Parjanya Creative Solutions at his home.

He worked with a team of engineers, formerly scholars of the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), who developed a yoga posture improvement application called Prayag.

How is Prayoga different from other others?

“When we started testing other yoga applications, in particular, one thing that we found was that most of the apps show a video of how an asana should be done. You, as a user, may not know whether you are doing it correctly or not. So the feedback you would get from a real instructor in a studio was definitely missing

"With progoga, this was the exact problem we set out to solve. We wanted to create an app that was very Indian at the time of use around the world. Yoga-based applications fully address this Fit with

While most yoga applications that we have used beautiful instructional videos, Prayag aims to go a few steps further. An animated 3D model of the instructor, with our gorgeously produced video

And real-time response using ARKit and body tracking, we are able to tell you what movement you can fix to achieve that perfect look in an asana. Each posture has a history of your performance

Recorded, and beautiful illustrations help you visualize your progress over time. Specially designed courses can help target specific areas you want to work on and carefully rotated routines, Rao said, timely reminders, and a wise UI is the way to help you practice yoga - it's a part of your lifestyle.

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