'Fearless' Rishabh Pant's Technique is 'Fortified' With Common Sense: Ian Chappell
'Fearless' Rishabh Pant's Technique is 'Fortified' With Common Sense: Ian Chappell

Ishab Pant's reverse sweep on the way to James Anderson's counter-attacking century in Motara surprised everyone, but aspiring fans of Indian cricket knew it was nothing unusual. It portrayed Indian cricket in just one frame. Indian cricket which is now being carried on the shoulders of fearless young cricketers like Shav Pant.

And secondly, former Australian captain Ian Chappell also wrote in his column that pants represent the next generation of Indian cricketers who are less afraid to speak.

In his column for ESPN Cricinfo, the 77-year-old author wrote: “In modern India, players are more confident and aggressive. Then there is the IPL. This led to more international thinking and training of Indian players, which has had a positive impact on both cricketers and coaches. ”

"Pants were scared well, nothing. The enduring Indian defender, equipped with the ultimate confident attitude, played every innings with due caution while balancing aggression. "Look at the ball and hit" His strategy is an easy way, but it is always confirmed by the common sense method of looking for a chance to score. "

He was fascinated by the shift to ‘overweight’ after moving to Australia.

“When the pants gained weight, the riot law in Australia was read. He then “worked behind his back” according to the coach and was returned to the team after the Indian defeat at the Adelaide Oval. What happened after that was revealed. Pants made three innings that changed the style of a Test with mature countertaking when the team was in trouble. Most players don’t contribute so much to a career, ”Chappell wrote.

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