The Hallowed Seamstress—Abilities, Stats, and MORE 'League of Legends' Debuts First-look Trailer for Gwen,

"League of Legends" has debuted a new champion, removing a trailer and first-look that showcases the abilities and background story of "Gwen, the Heeled Seamstress" who will soon make her way into the league. The character takes the form of a seamstress also known as a female tailor who uses needles, threads and a huge scissors.

The Hallowed Seamstress—Abilities, Stats, and MORE 'League of Legends' Debuts First-look Trailer for Gwen,
'League of Legends' Debuts First-look Trailer for Gwen,

The character will be included in the company's latest patch, which will be a part of its regular rotational update to the game, and will likely be on display by April, the 155th champion. Riot Games stated that his character has a wide connection with the recently released Wego, the ruined king.

Champions from "League of Legends" are enriched with lore and character backstory, which has been one of the title's most iconic traits and features, most loved by fans that were first introduced in the next era of MOBA. Currently, there are not many details and information released for The Gwen by Riot and "League of Legends", but he will be coming soon.

Gwen, Held Seamstress: Lore and Story

Gwen, the Helmed Seamstress, is basically a doll that has been transformed into a living creature after Isolde dies of a tragic cause. Isolde is also known as Viggo, the ruined king's wife in the game's lore, suggesting that the two characters will have massive relationships and connections as MOBA progresses.

The doll wakes up on the ocean floor, but is already a mysterious character in the league, and takes on the form of a "seamstress" with powers over scissors and needles for which she ventures. Her objective is to find the "evil", defeat it and discover her past as a rebirth from Isolde.

'League of Legends' Gwen Skills and Abilities

The trailer of "League of Legends" closely shows the character's ability, revealing that he is a melee and close-range hitter that increases burst attacks and speed. Also, the character has an Ability Power (AP) stats, so the burst damage that he inflicts on his giant scissor or kills his needle projectiles.

Gwen can play mid-lane or offlane (top) as he can sustain heavy damage and avoid his skills that block the speed of the paired with it. Riot and "League of Legends" have not yet released a complete list of the character's skills, and all information is based on the game's trailer and champion first-look.

'League of Legends': Gwen's release date

Riot Games has not yet released any further details for Gwen, Hollowed Seamstress apart from its two trailers which are available on the developer's YouTube channel and Twitter account. Speculation suggests that Gwen will be coming to the next patch and update, patch 11.7, which will bring new champions to players to buy and play.

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