What is a storage device? This question may have come to the mind of many at some time or the other, but even after searching a lot, detailed information is not available anywhere in Hindi, due to which many people know what the Data Storage Device is and how many types it has. There is no complete information about it.

As its name suggests, these are some such devices (devices) that are used to store data or information digitally.

They are also alternatively known as digital storage, storage media, storage medium or storage device. These are some such hardware devices that store data or information digitally and that too temporally or Permanently. Their main purpose is to store the data.

If we talk about computers, then these data storage are such places that store the data in electromagnetic and optical form so that the computer processor can access these data very easily when needed.

Then without delay let us know what is this storage device and what are their types.

What is storage device

As I have already said that storage devices are called those which store the data and information termporarily or permanently according to the need. They store data digitally.

Storage device is a computer hardware that is used to securely save data, and to use it according to need. They can store information for short-term or long-term.

You can find these storage devices inside or outside the computer or server. At the same time, these storage devices are also named as storage medium or storage media.

This is a very important part of any computer device. At the same time, they are available in different sizes and types, depending on their need and functionalities.

What is a Storage Device and how many types are there? A connected storage device, such as a hard drive, is accessed through a device driver
What is a Storage Device and how many types are there?

Types of storage devices

The storage device used in computers is mainly of four types. Let us now know about the different types of storage devices.

1. Primary Storage Device

2. Secondary Storage Device

3. Tertiary Storage Device

4. Off-line Storage Device

Primary Storage Devices

These primary storage devices are also called main memory.

This is the direct memory that is accessible through the Central Processing Unit (CPU), via a memory bus.

These storage devices are volatile.

Their memory is temporary, that is, as the device is switched off or rebooted, then their memory becomes erase.





Secondary Storage Devices

These Secondary Storage Devices are storage devices that are not directly accessible by the Central Processing Unit.

In this input and output channels are used to connect such type of storage devices with the computer. Because they are mainly external.

They are non-volatile and together have more storage capacity as compared to primary storage device.

This type of storage is permanent unless removed by external factor.

Both internal and external memory are found in them.

Example: Hard disk

Tertiary Storage Devices

These Tertiary Storage Devices are not as important and often they are not even a part of a personal computer.

It has often been found that it uses a robotic mechanism that mounts or dismounts removable mass storage media into a storage device.

This type of storage device uses robotic functions.

It does not require human intervention repeatedly and is able to do its job automatically.

It is a comprehensive computer storage system that is very slow, so it is often used to archive data that is not accessed again and again.


Magnetic tape

Optical disc

Off-line Storage Devices

These Offline Storage Devices are also called disconnected storage.

It is a computer data storage that is not under the control of the processing unit.

It has to be connected by a human being before any computer can access it again.

This type of storage devices is also called disconnected or removable storage.


Floppy Disk

Zip diskette

USB Flash drive

Memory card

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