The joy of starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek as Great Whittle and Isabelle Clemens, respectively, does not open with real joy. For now, Greg’s drawings have the presence of heaven scattered on his office table. The office itself became noisy. The phone kept ringing, and the staff kept blabbering on. Greg is affected by this trouble. His boss is asking for his presence, but he continues to delay. The secretary constantly reminds him, "Bjorn wants to see you." Greg repeatedly retreated, "Okay, I'm right there." Greg is not feeling well from the inside. His thoughts are lost. The first visual hint that highlights the abnormality of the situation after Greg leaves his room is: his wallet on his desk tickles.

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Besides, when Bjorn (Steve Jesus) shoots Greg, he probably gets out. When consciousness returns, it happens after a tragic accident. Bjorn dies and Greg hides the body in a window behind a curtain. More strangeness was felt as Greg left the building. At the same time the whole staff says the same line, "Sorry you have a technical problem" In the background you see the name of the company, which happens as a technical schedule. We are not working yet. The strangeness is further heightened when Greg meets Isabel at a bar where he reveals that none of the other people around him are “real”. These are the "mesh" that can be controlled by swallowing a yellow crystal. For example, a bartender can be "zipped" or a plate can be flipped. This world is an imitation, and only real people like Greg and Isabel cannot control others.

Director Mike Cahill preceded 2011 sci-fi Another World (I Like It), followed by the 2014 sci-fi romantic drama I Origins (I Didn't See It). On another planet, a planet like Earth comes closer to our Earth. However, the film did not stand up to this scientific phenomenon. Instead it followed a teenager and her experience after a fatal car accident. If you haven't seen the other world then you should because (1) it is thought-provoking and (2) it shows Cahill at his best. On the other hand there are traces of the genius Cahill lost in the dystopia puzzle of the happy crowd.

Expanding his ambitions in the distance, Cahill tried to touch both the human and the fictional in his story. Trying to combine the two, he failed to reach even one side properly. Happiness wants us to be surprised and worried, but we ask "what?" Ask questions like this? And why? "Cahill may not be interested in logistics or reasoning. He won't even want you to look for it. A reason) .Happiness deals with serious themes such as accepting our reality, rejoicing in make-believe ideas and accepting sacrifice for your loved one.All these elements are deprived of a satisfying stress and an exciting story.Characters remain ineffective, without dimensions. Greg and Isabel were strangers to me.If joy is present somewhere, it's in the headlines.

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