This is the 18th birthday of Vicenza (Maisa Silva). As usual, his birthday wishes remain the same: to get to know Dad. Her mother Rayon (Layla Zayed) is waiting for the right time to reveal the secret. Vicenza is seen following his heart. So as soon as the dear mother moved to India, she saw the old picture of the Rhine with another man named Kanya Paco (Eduardo Moskovis). Taking Paco as a father, he packs his bags and searches for him in town.

Where Was The Movie Double Daddy Filmed

Where Was The Movie Double Daddy Filmed

Chris D'Amoto's double father is portrayed as a fairy tale. The whole look of the children's book is full of bright colors and palcritudinus illustrations. As soon as the double dad started, the camera floated in the air and took us inside a house through the window to introduce us to Vicenza. It is a kind of film where everyone carries compassion with a smile on their face. When Vicenza needs cash to live in the city, he sells his wheel. Within minutes, a beaming person arrives to make a deal. When asked for directions in town, the criminals kindly help this teenage girl. One of them even gives a lift. Creating such a world gives screenwriters a license to overcome obstacles with a smile and some ease. As soon as Vicenza enters an office, first assistance is placed near one of the blocks that requires a swipe from the card to open, while the second is serted near the elevator to help Vincenza in his small challenge so he can use the elevator properly. The method adopted by the double father in this adventure is not a sweat.

Living in a remote area away from the city does not present Vicenzo as a technical challenge. Not quite, that. He can operate the cellphone, send texts with it. However, his small community has no mall or tall building. Thus, the difficulty with the elevator. He can certainly feel his joy when he climbs the escalator. It takes you for the first time with those magically moving stairs. Oh, how excited we were.

Returning in search of Vicenza, he finds Paco in a disorderly confinement. He is also a painter who visually teaches drawing (we never see the student or hear any mention of him). He enters his house in the name of enrolling in a class, and when Paco's assistant leaves, he probably drops his daughter's bomb on him. As you can guess, Paco does not digest the truth so easily. He is shocked, excited, surprised but mostly scared. For a moment the man was lying down with a hangover. Then, he greets a daughter he never knew, dear father.

If you’re paying attention, you must have noticed the word “probably” in the paragraph above. This suggests that there is no guarantee that Paco is truly a father. Also, take a look at the title; It's double dad. This confusion hits Vicenza when he finds another picture of his mother with another man named Giovanna (Marcelo Madici). The turning point is that they are both kissing. And so, he arrived at Giovanni's office, led to the incident of that elevator. Vicenza is assisted in this mission by Kadu (Pedro Ottoni). She is a teenager; She is a teenager. She is single boy, she is single girl. Put the two together and obviously, they will fall for each other. It is meant to be. Kadu helps find Giovanni on the internet. He also suggested getting a DNA test to reach a definite conclusion. In return, Vicenza helps him and his friends organize the carnival.

Kadu is a character who warns Vicenza about the consequences of his actions. What happened was that he began to enjoy the company of both Paco and Giovan. Since he is not sure who the real father is, he starts spending time in both of their organizations. When spending time with one, he would secretly send the other for a plan. These scenes are reminiscent of movies where the boyfriend engages in double dating - one partner is kept in the dark about the other's existence. Sometimes, the lover's friend (s) will help in this case. But everything is over. The boyfriend was eventually caught in his illicit practice.

The same fate befell Vicenza when perhaps both parents confronted each other. Executing it badly in the presence of a current, the truth spreads in disguise in a heavily synthesized scene. Characters are simply dropped to move the description. Subsequent conflicts have been resolved effortlessly. All of this careless treatment stemmed from the intent to make "children's films." Word errors have been reduced to cover for the film. Dare to point the finger at any problem and be prepared to face the comment “it’s made for kids”. I dig into a light hearted movies with them. Problems arise when the story abandons the core of emotion. Double Dad asked us to buy the play or show a certain reaction at a certain time. It does not allow us to react to it. The double dad never enables visitors to record the intimacy of the Vicenza ride, resulting in distance with this prosperous world. How deliberate is that? I do not know. Looking at our real world situation, I would love to contact the double dad who showcased us. Please.

Giving credit where due, Rion is one of the best winter films ever made. After finding his "missing" daughter, he first hugs her, then scolds her. It feels great to see a mom operating in two different modes on the screen. And the two have come close with the overall tone of the film. Surprise the idea of ​​marriage with your parents scene with double dating thread. For these two things alone, I suggest you watch Double Dad on Netflix. If it was anything more.

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