No Dayz Off Short Film Review

No Dayz Off Short Film

The word “patriot” is synonymous with our brave soldiers. They tirelessly serve their country and expect nothing grand from their protected citizens. We all know the dangers and problems that our men faced when it came to uniforms. There have been millions of movies depicting the heroism of soldiers, sometimes drowning us in the middle of a battle at Omaha Beach (Saving Private Ryan) or taking us with us in a time warp using the technique of running continuous shots (1917). Over the years, these people have created sharp images of courage inside our minds. They are always alert. They always do their job. They have no day off.

This is where Peter J. Calvin's No Days Off will reverse your ideas. In fact, the whole idea of ​​it is based on this opposite. No Days of the Brave introduces us to two humble German soldiers instead of brave warriors. They are Franz (Jeff Girlish) and Hanz (Brent Caribel). The day we meet them, that is, as soon as the brief starts, the two of them show reluctance to go to work. It’s not hard to imagine that they could feel the same way almost every day. I can imagine forcing them to join the army against their will. Or they may be interested in it at some point in their life but now they are afraid of it every day.

And so on this special day (on their way home every day), when their car breaks down and catches fire, they start to see everything from the universe as a sign to tell them to avoid daily work for this one day. Franz more than willing to run away from responsibility. "What could be worse than that?" He asks his companion Hanz. Yes, Hanz is a man who wants to have fun but also catches the worst consequences of every situation, perhaps mentally preparing himself for any unwanted surprises. We all know these kind of people who crave thrills even after not warning us. So when Franz starts planning banking from routine, Hans shows fun enthusiasm then there is a pool of catastrophic possibilities. The two never even tried to admit to firing bombs and shots from a distance. Even to these heroes these words become nothing more than background noise.

I would love to know more about these people. It is clear that they have no interest in the ongoing fight and have nothing to say about their current situation. But it would have been richer to know at least about their likes and dislikes. Do they enjoy cooking? What are their hobbies? Or any other personal details tell us more about them. I understand you can’t do much in a short film, but one or two lines will suffice. I didn’t smile at the way the lead performance was claimed, yet they put a smile on my face.

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