By looking at Space Sweepers, you will remember many other titles. The palette of orange takes you into the world of Blade Runner 2049. There is even a similar shot where the city is surveyed from above during the night. The action sequences set in space haunt the Star Wars films back. If you are into video games, you will think about mass effect. Believe it or not, there's a shot that took me back to Hitman 3 (if you killed Hush by overloading his brain, you'll know what I'm talking about. There's no murder here , Only the chair is somewhat similar). The inference here is that the space sweeper (directed by Soong-hee and written by Yun Seung-min and Yoo-kang Seo-ae) is an exhaust that is the first extravaganza that fights on familiar and comfort.

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The year is 2092. By now, viewers should be well aware of what it means to conclude - the Earth is on the verge of extinction, and a rich ass cum mad scientist must have found life in the darkness of space. Viola! right answer. In terms of space sweepers, UTS Corporation (they are evil, and you know it) has built a new home for the submissive. James Sullivan (Richard Armitage; Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit), CEO of UTS, seeks to erase the rest of life on Earth in order to successfully start a new society with wealthy people (UTS residents) on Mars. These residents currently live in the "class". The poor are living down, the affluent are living up, get it? Does it also awaken Alita's memories: Battle Angel, little?

you know what? To hell with the plot. There is nothing new that I can say, and there is nothing new Space Sweeper will offer you. Just note that there is a cute little girl named Dorothy (Park Ye-rin), who is initially believed to have planted a bomb inside her body. He mysteriously ends up with The Victory's crew (no prizes for guessing who wins in the end), a space junk collector ship featuring Tae-ho (Song Jong-ki), Tiger Park (Jin Sean) -Qyu), Robot Bubbs are included (Yoo Hai-jin), and Captain Jung (Kim Tae-ri; you may remember him as Sook-hee from The Handmaid). Their mission: to return Dorothy in return for a beautiful ransom.

The CGI work is well presented with specific areas. The UTS is a beautiful disco in the 32nd Commercial District, while the maintenance hangar bursts with the mechanics' sweat and collides with the sound of machinery. Yellow light strikes the surface of the water on the ground. Other than visual vitas, space sweepers do not have many positives to sweep for.

The action sequences begin with the promise of an explosion but end with a whisper. Consider that which occurs on a bridge. As an enemy races towards our hero, we expect some punches or an exciting chase sequence. What we get is a long jump in the direction of security. Or compete between Tiger Park and a soldier. They both carry a heavy dose of adrenaline, but it never spreads on screen. Space wars are also mundane (guns, laser bullets, standard shooting), offering nothing that can be called electrification. We get a glimpse of the villain's wickedness - strange lines creeping across his skin. It peeks into his insurgency until the last war. Even when it arrives, it does not feel menacing. Here is a bad man who loses good people in revealing his bad side. A journalist is made to shoot an innocent, and a man is made to succumb to his greed. Interesting but never fruitful, the same can be said for Bubbs, who wants to reveal himself to the human by covering his metal parts with human skin. Her masculine voice on feminine habits can also stand to "follow a sexual orientation that desires messaging".

Coming to the man of greed, he is the hero of the film: Tae-ho. I will leave her backyard to search. For review, let's say there's a little girl, and Dorothy reminds her of Tae-ho. Oh yes, here is another attraction of Space Sweeper: Even with this backdrop, Tae-ho doesn't immediately stop himself for Dorothy. Tae-ho's longing for his little girl does not immediately fade or be replaced. Dorothy's cuteness surprises the space sweeper to an extent. But ultimately, the space sweeper supports an over-protected security shell as if afraid of taking risks. It is not as daring and bold as Vijay's crew. There are some heart touching bits between Tae-ho and the young girl, though they do not leave a lasting impression on us. I was prepared to do wrong during an emotional moment in Finale, but this is a "safe" film. Feelings are betrayed. This is equivalent to crying only at a funeral, to feel that the body is still alive. Yes, all those tears were a waste.

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