SEO Skill Assessment Fiverr Test Answers 2021 || Fiverr Seo Skill Test Question Answer 2021

Are you looking for Fiber SEO Assessment Skills Answer 2021 and want to pass it with good score? Then this content below will help you do it.

SEO Skill Assessment Fiverr Test Answers 2021 || Fiverr Seo Skill Test Question Answer 2021
SEO Skill Assessment Fiverr Test Answers

Our team has compiled several questions for the Fiber SEO test that will help you pass your Fiber SEO assessment test. As such, you know that the SEO Skills Test is mandatory to reveal your jigs related to the writing section.

We have tried our best to answer all the questions with higher accuracy. If you think someone in the answer is wrong, please comment below and let us know. So, we'll do it right for the next one.

Good luck with your test! Do not mention your passing score in the comments section after passing.

1) Google My Business is a free service for commercial businesses.



2) Link building offers all these benefits except HRL.

   Improve search engine ranking and credibility

   Increase brand awareness

   Increasing web traffic

Creating content automatically

3) Which of the following statements is not true?

   Duplicate content affects SEO rankings

   Page titles The on-page element is most important after the content

The quality of images uploaded to a website affects SEO rankings

   Website domains have no effect on SEO rankings


4) What do you use to search for the right phrase on Google?

 Hyphen (-)

 Asterisk (*)

Quotes (")

 Exclamation point (!)

5) True or false:

A 500 is an internal server error.



6)) Which of the following actions has a Google penalty?

 A robot to write your text

Hide text for additional keywords in the same color font as your site background

 Using link firms and paid links to build a network of inbound links to your site

 All of the above

7)) When considering HTTP vs. HTTPS pages on a site, it is good to have a mix of both.



8) Which of the following is used in the monitoring process?

 Google Search Console

 Screaming frog


All of the above

9) Which of the following statements about RSS is correct / correct?

This is a form of XML.

This refers to Really Simple Syndication.

 Its main goal is to display static information.

 All of the above.

10) Which of the following is required in robot.tst file?

 * Deny: [URL string will not be crawled]

 Allow: [to crawl URL string]

Sitemap: [Sitemap URL]

 * User-agent: [username-agent name]

11) Which of the following is a white hat SEO strategy?

 Create a subdomain with very popular keywords and duplicate existing pages.

 Fill your pages with keywords to see if they are relevant to the page.

Adding keyword rich meta titles.

 None of the above.

12) What is the most common solution to duplicate content?


 CMS platforms are being migrated


 No okay

13) Where are you able to submit a sitemap to Google for indexing purposes?

Google Search Console



 Direct search results

14) Which of the following is an important component of technical SEO?




 User test

15) An HTML sitemap provides a list of internal links to a website accessible to users.



16) Metatata is the best way to track performance for technical SEO.



17) Which of the following does Google use to display the characters in the meta title of a page?

 Pixel width

Meta title character count

 None of the above

18) Where is the "Mobile Friendship" test?



 Screaming frog


19) What kind of sitemap is most important for SEO?

 Mobile phone




20) What happens during the Google index process?

Webpage data is stored in Google's database for easy retrieval and ranking.

 Data is collected from other search engines.

 Documents received by Google have been selected.

 Meaningful results are generated based on the user's search term.

21) When optimizing your website, it is important to create the right kind of traffic. How does the bounce rate help to inform this?

 Shows the percentage of users entering the website and then visiting additional pages.

 Shows the percentage of people who entered the website and then left without showing any other page.

 Shows the percentage of users who have found your site and decided to return to the source.

Shows the percentage of people who have left your website within ten seconds of seeing the first page.

22) Which of the following statements about page images is correct?

 Images cannot be crawled by search engines

Important keywords related to images should also be included in the ALT text

 Images should always be placed at the top of a web page

 Image maps with images should be used

23) Which of the following tools can help you identify which city in the world has the highest search interest for a particular keyword?

 Yahoo Search Term Advice Tool


 Google Traffic Estimator

Google Trends


24) Which of the following values ​​can Google consider according to their quality guidelines?

 Using automated website submission software

 Page loading with irrelevant links

 Register misspellings of well-known websites

All of the above

25) What is keyword density?

The total number of keyword bars on a webword compared to the total number of words on the page

 The total number of keywords appears in the title of the content uploaded to the webpage

 The name of the key word or phrase mentioned in a content

 Count the number of times the keyword is used (by by many)

26) What is usually the most effective landing page for an inbound link to a site link?


 Contact page

Home page

 The page for which you want to improve ranking

27) Which black hat SEO strategy detects search engine bots and "feeds" them with a different HTML code than the HTML given to users?





28) The following robots. Text meta tags point to search engine bots:

<Meta name = "robot" CONTENT = "nodex, noflo">

 Do not index the homepage and do not follow the links on the page

The page is not for indexing and not to follow the links on the page

 To index the page and not follow the links on the page

 Not to index the page but to follow the links on the page

29) All major search engines are case sensitive.



30) 302 What does the server response code mean?

The page has been permanently removed

The method that the visitor is using to access the file is not allowed

The page has been temporarily removed

The request is too large to process

31. If a website sells links, what steps does Google suggest to avoid being penalized?

 The word "paid written link" should be written in the text of paid links to identify paid links for Google.

 Non-profit websites should only accept paid text links

The links provided should be expressed in the hyperlink via the "rel = nofollow" feature

 The links provided should be highlighted in the hyperlink via the "index = nofollow" feature

32) What is anchor text?

 This is the main part of the text on a particular web page.

 This is the text on the left or top panel of a web page.

This is the visible text that is hyperlinked to another page.

 This is the most prominent text on the page that search engines use to determine a page title.

33) Which of the following do Google consider when determining whether a website has strong domain authority?

 The frequency with which the content of the website is updated.

 Number of pages with information about the purpose of the site.

 Number of internal natural links related to site themes or keywords.

All of the above.

34) Which of the following statements regarding the content of the website is correct?

If your website has two versions of a document, Google recommends that you only allow the better version to be indexed.

 Writing a link to a page does not affect the way Google views pages / s.

 Placeholders for pages that do not have content are never seen by Google as duplicate content

 None of the above

35) How important are sitemaps for the search engine optimization process?

 Sitemaps help search engine editorial staff manually review a website.

 GoogleBot searches the keyword or title "Sitemap" on the homepage of a website and gives credit to the websites with the sitemap.

Sitemaps help GoogleBot see the full scope of any page from the website.

 None of the above.

36) Cloaking is a black hat SEO strategy that involves:

 Increasing the density of keywords on web pages

Hiding keywords in webpages

Search engines are offering a different set of web pages

 Creating multiple pages and hiding them from website visitors

37) Which of the following statements about search engine optimization strategy is correct / correct?

 Making keywords bold will not affect how search engines look at keywords.

 Search engines optimize deeply linked websites

 Search engine robots follow the first link on any given page and they do not follow additional links on the same page

All of the above

38) What’s the sound of optimization strategies that are unchangeable but not as bad as black hat strategies?

 Red hat strategy

 Silver hat technique

Gray hat strategy

 Shady hat technique

39) Which of the following statements about Google Sitemap is correct / correct?

 Google may be penalized for repeatedly submitting sitemaps

 You may not create and submit special sitemaps to Google for video and mobile content

The sitemap acceptable to Google follows an XML format

 All of the above

40) Implementing 301 redirects on an old page to redirect to a new page is a good strategy from an SEO perspective.



41. What is illegal to copy a page by unauthorized parties to filter traffic to another site?





42) Are RSS / Atom feeds back in Google search results?



43) Which of the following website design guidelines does Google recommend?

 Includes clear categorization and text links

 Each page should reach at least one stable text link

 If the sitemap is larger than 100 or more links, your sitemap should be split into separate pages.

All of the above

44) If you enter the query "Help site:" in the Google search bar, what results will be displayed?

FAQ page for

 Google's FAQ page

Pages "Help" in

 Request page for re-indexing

45) The process of getting your own links from other websites is known as:

 Link sharin

Link building

 Content Marketing


46) What is the approval for e-business and online retailers?

Payment gateway

 Authorization code

 Merchant account

 None of the above

47) What is the most effective landing page for inbound links to a site link?


Contact page


The page for which you want to improve ranking

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